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It’s the subtle differences that make it…

18 Jan Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments

John Earle, aka Johnny Cupcakes, has been quoted with the saying, “Everybody wants what nobody else has.”

When designing my new space, I really wanted to make sure that this space reflected the unique person that I am.  That would really be the only way to ensure that this venture wasn’t “cookie cutter”.  So, what makes it unique and different?  Let me tell you!

First off-  the artwork.

I shopped around at a lot of places looking at things to put on the walls.  I have great wall space-  high ceilings and nice trim original to the historic building.  I couldn’t find anything in stores that drew me in.  Don’t get me wrong…  there was a lot of nice stuff, but nothing that I could justify buying.  Then I thought, why not combine my passions and show off some artwork from some local talent!  BINGO! Of course, having artists in the family, they get to be featured first.  The idea is that every quarter I will highlight a new artist.  From January to the end of April, the featured artist is Arthur DuLong.  His preferred medium is Copper.  He is a “green” artist as he uses salvage copper (old roofing and jewelers copper) preventing it from ended up in a landfill.  His sculptures are unique- no two exactly alike and everything on my walls is for sale. Click the link below to watch a video about Arthur, then come on in to Sanctuary Massage to see his latest creations.  Norwell Copper Artist- Arthur DuLong

Secondly- Eco Friendly Choices…

Most all of the furnishings in my office came for free.  How???  Craigslist! There is a “free” section where people list all kinds of things from sofas to dining sets to old windows and lamps.  You’d be surprised at what people are trying to get rid of.  I perused craigslist and emailed feverishly, borrowed a van and had some muscle help moving some of the heavier stuff, but for a girl on a TIGHT budget, I had more than enough to make this space the gem that it is.   Free not only means affordable, it keeps all these things from going to the dump. I gave new life to a sofa, tool box, bookcase, refrigerator, microwave, shelving, chairs, a door (being used as a desktop), file cabinet, rug, dishes, plant stands, tropical plants, flower pots, mirrors, picture frames…  the list goes on and on!

Going “green” also means less paper

I’m trying to reduce my paper usage.  Instead of having clients fill out an intake form when they come in for the first time, I do a verbal interview and enter their info into my computer system directly.  It’s quick and easy, and conversational.  I think I get more information having a conversation with someone as opposed to them trying to jog their memory while rushing to fill out a form.  The more information I get, the better I can treat them during a session.

Less paper also extends to credit card processing and check writing.  I accept all major credit cards, checks and cash for payment.  I just switched over to a virtual terminal for the credit card processing.  This means that instead of my having to have another piece of electronic (and expensive) equipment on my desk that will have to be updated and replaced every few years, I just log in to a secure server on my computer.  My computer then becomes the credit card machine and I can process the transaction.  Instead of the client having to sign a slip of paper that they will most likely lose as soon as they leave, the receipt is sent to them via email.  No paper or extra electronics involved!

Ok-  so everybody’s “green” these days…

I know, that doesn’t make me stand out from the crowd.  What an awesome problem to have- too many people being eco-friendly!

There’s a lot of things that set Sanctuary Massage apart. I haven’t got them all installed yet, but what’s to come over this next year is really going to be something to behold! What can you expect to see?

  • retail products from Anthology Organics (
  • retail products from Sanctuary Spa (my own brand of bath salts, cold process soaps, sugar scrubs, body butters, lip balms…)
  • a line of t-shirts deigned by  local artists and produced in limited quantities… wearable art!
  • art openings every quarter
  • free group classes in meditation and stress management
  • and of course-  consistently excellent therapeutic massage

I’m looking forward to serving Quincy and the surrounding towns now and well into the future with quality health care and unique vision for what this genre of business can offer.  Hang on… it’s going to be a wild journey!



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