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Oh, Christmas Tree!

27 Nov Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments

Wrestling packages in and out of the car, hoisting a Christmas Pine on and off the roof of the car and then lugging it into the house, climbing ladders in the frigid cold in order to decorate the house in lights…  all of these annual activities can be extremely taxing on the body.  Then there is the stress of picking out the right gifts, establishing a menu for the party, getting the cards sent out…  there is just so much to do this time of year in preparation of the big celebration!  It is easy to forget how to take care of ourselves during “holiday season”.

Did you know that scientists have proven that even one 60 minute massage can benefit the body on the cellular level?  Massage has also been proven to boost the immune system through neuro-immuno modulation, override the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight urges) and reduce frequency and duration of stress-induced migraine headaches?  It’s all true.  Massage is also a fantastic tool for joint mobilization (ease stiffness and pain from arthritis and other inflammatory conditions).

So-  if you are getting overwhelmed with all the festivities of the season, feeling run down from having to be in too many places at one time, or you just want to escape for an hour-  now is a great time to book a massage for yourself.  It’ll help you stay healthy and relaxed and give you some much needed down time to recover physically from your latest marathon shopping at the mall.  🙂

Kill two birds with one stone-  book yourself a session and if you purchase three gift certificates for others while you are here, your session is FREE!  My gift to you.

Merry Christmas, and stay healthy!


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